September 2022: Wrap Up!

September was good for me. I worked on my habits and developed new ones. I also started a new project that I am really excited about.

Last month, I said these:

  • I get to exercise to improve my health.

In September, I finally signed up for the gym. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for YEARS, but I just kept pushing it off. It was either because of the money, not being comfortable going alone, needing a workout buddy, or just feeling uncomfortable to be there and feeling like everyone will stare at me.

What I realized is that I work a lot and I shouldn’t be selfish with myself if I want to do something that will help my mental and physical health and well-being. After going to the gym 3x last week, I definitely feel lighter and calmer. Every day, after teaching, I feel almost always mentally drained, not necessarily because I have bad days, but because as teachers, we spend a lot of time using our minds, talking, and helping our students. I realized that I’m mostly mentally tired, but not physically tired, so I wanted a balance which is why I finally signed up for the gym.

Also, I couldn’t just wait for someone to come with me because if I do, I’ll wait for a long time and I’ll just waste every opportunity to start. To add, I honestly do not care anymore whether people stare. People go to the gym to work on themselves, so don’t think that they’re focused on you because they’re not. They’re focused on themselves.

  • I get to read to feed my brain.

I am currently in a reading slump, but I finished reading Jane Eyre and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. To be honest, I love both. Jane Eyre taught me that I shouldn’t change what I believe in for a man. The book also taught me that people are capable of lying just so they don’t lose someone, but the truth will always be revealed whether we like it or not. Furthermore, Jane Eyre experienced a lot of trauma in her life, but she never became bitter and mean to others. She used her misfortune to do good to others. The self-help book that I read, it helped me regain my energy back when I kept wasting my energy on the wrong people. It’s a book that reminded me each time I read it what kind of mindset I want to have and that I shouldn’t be manipulated by people who try to drag me down whether they do it purposely or unconsciously.

  • I get to journal to clear my mind.

Journaling really helped me in September because there were so many things on my mind. A lot of it was because I was feeling so many emotions from something that I was going through in my personal life and writing down my feelings helped me find my calm.

  • I get to teach and do something I love.

September had its highs and lows. I would say that the first 3 weeks were great because I got to teach a lot of the knowledge that I’ve gained over the past six months. I discussed a lot about life with my students and it just made everything so much more fun. I want to focus on that.


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