Discussion: Telling the truth is a gift you offer someone

I just watched this podcast on Youtube called MINDGAMES by Claudia. There is this one episode where the host Claudia Baretto was discussing with her older sister about their experience with mental health. One of the things that caught my attention and had me reflect on my personal experience with the truth is when one of them said “[telling the person the truth of what they’re doing wrong gives that person an opportunity to change]”.

It is difficult, to tell the truth. If you’re straightforward and have no problem with this, I salute you. Great job, because many have trouble being completely honest. Why is that?

Telling the truth can ruin relationships/friendships especially when the person you’re talking to refuses to accept people’s advice or refuse to believe that they are doing something wrong.

However, if we really care about that person, we won’t let them live their life without knowing the truth even if telling them means we won’t be part of their life anymore.

Maybe we’re just someone with a mission that we don’t know about whenever we enter someone’s life and once we accomplish that mission, we no longer belong there. Maybe our mission is to teach that person, and once that’s done, we’re no longer needed and that’s okay. We just need to be okay with the fact that at least we were able to help out.


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