Do not wait for the right moment

Do not wait for the right moment because it will never come. There is no such thing as the right moment. We waste so much time waiting instead of enjoying the NOW.

Do not wait until graduation to start enjoying your life. Do not wait until you get a promotion at work. Do not wait until you get married. Do not wait until you have kids. Do not wait for opportunities; instead, look for those opportunities or simply make them.

You cannot control the future, but you do have control of the direction of your life. Therefore, you should focus on what you have control of rather than the opposite. Remember that happiness is found in the present moment, so do not waste it by waiting for what you hope will come.


One response to “Do not wait for the right moment”

  1. Some one once told me: “Why are you waiting for the right moment, when the right moment has been sat waiting for you?”

    Waiting to start has seemed a bit silly ever since. The starting is the important bit, not the moment you do it in.

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