Weekly journal #4

1. My mental health

This week was much better. It’s also the last full week of regular classes. I was stressed out at the beginning because a lot of my students missed their exams and I had to run after them. Once the exams were done though, I felt more relaxed.

Then, I was worrying about what my vice-principal thought of me. I had a feeling that I did something wrong and so I thought about it a lot. Perhaps it’s because I was talking to students in the hallway while the sec 5 groups were doing their ministry exams. That could be the reason or maybe not. Anyway, that bothered me quite a bit and I kept telling myself that it’s something that I can’t really control. I can’t just spend time worrying about what they think of me or I’ll go crazy.

Right now, I feel good. I have a little bit of a headache though because I skipped lunch since I had to rush downtown for my postponed graduation.

Other than that, I’d like to read more this weekend to refresh my mind and gain some more knowledge. I feel like my brain hasn’t been “challenged” much; if you know what I mean.

2. My career

Besides the worrying part that I talked about in the first section, my career is going well. The school year is almost over. However, I have a pile… no… PILES of papers to correct and grade. I’ll be doing that this weekend. I will be busy, but productive! (:

I received some good questions from my students too and I enjoyed answering them as well as talking to them about life.

Also, I finally got to have a very good time with my most difficult group! It made my day and I’m glad I got to connect with them after a tough year together. We played incohearent and uno!

3. My productivity

I managed to correct one group and evaluate a lot of students this week. I also took care of all the emails I had to send. So, yes, I can say that I was productive. I have to continue this way so that I don’t stress!

4. My expenses

I’m proud to say that I didn’t spend much this week! yay!


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