Weekly Journal #3

Hi everyone! I didn’t start with the different categories last week, but I’ll follow them this time. This week was exhausting. I feel fine, but I really need time for myself to be able to survive another week.

1. My mental health

I felt good this week when it comes to my mental health. There were times when I started thinking negatively, but I did my best to distract myself and for the most part, I’ve succeeded.

It’s amazing that what some of my students call me does not bother me anymore. I brush it off as if it was nothing unlike before. I mean, it’s not fun to be called a “bitch”, but as long as you know yourself and what you stand for, those terms don’t mean anything.

2. My career

As much as I find this week easier than my first 3 months, I find myself exhausted after each day. I would literally just pass out early at night and wake up unmotivated in the morning. I think a lot of teachers feel this way, especially now that it’s the end of the year and we have a mountain of papers to correct.

Some classes are good where I actually feel a bit more motivated because my students make me laugh or they just simply complete their tasks. However, other times, like today, some students just don’t listen, and when you end up punishing them for something you told them not to do, all of a sudden you’re the bad guy.

Honestly, as much as I feel bad for giving my students a 0%, they have to learn to take things seriously and to also control themselves. Some kids nowadays don’t even value their education. It’s sad because later on, they’ll have a harder time facing life. I hope they do get lucky and they’re able to invest wisely and start their own business without the need to go to college, but they also need to realize that education is and should be their backup plan. Why? Because a business can go bankrupt anytime. Next thing you know, you have nothing. But when you have a degree, no one can take that away from you. You’ll always have it and you can always use it to start over.

3. My productivity

I was a little bit more productive than last week. I’ll start working a lot more since my students will be done with their exams next week. So, I can start correcting. My deadline to enter the grades is June 17th, so I can’t procrastinate too much.

4. My expenses

I’m so glad I didn’t spend much this week after my shopping spree last weekend. I only bought myself Mcdonald’s after today. You can say it’s my reward after a long week.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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