Review: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo EP6-7-8-9-10 (spoilers)
  1. The 8th Prince and Hae Soo

I really want them to be together, but things keep coming up. I enjoy every single scene of them together, but why do I feel like they’re just not meant to be. Wook keeps saying he’ll save her and that he will get her out of the palace, but even he said, he keeps hesitating and he keeps having doubts. He’s scared and now that he built up the courage, it seems to be too late. It’s kind of like what happened with his ex-wife, he didn’t even get to say what he wanted to say to her before she passed away.

It breaks my heart that maybe he just won’t end up with Hae Soo, but I feel like he needs to toughen up and really fight for who he loves.

2. The 4th Prince: Wang So

I like Wang So. It’s painful to watch others say those hurtful things about him and to him. All he wants is to be treated like a normal person and not this monster. I felt so bad for him and Hae Soo was scared of him and he said “not you too”. The fact that he drank the tea with poison for his brother was just so brave of him. I just can’t hate his character no matter what. He’s a good person, but STILL. I want Wook for Hae Soo!! I’m sorry!

3. The other princes

I like that we get to see Baek-Ah a lot more because I feel like he’s been left out in the previous episodes. We don’t get to see him as much.

I felt sorry for Wang Eun and didn’t really expect him to get married. It’s sad that he’s not around much.

4. The Queen

While she’s the antagonist here, she’s such a good actress. We all hate her, but the actress plays the character really well.

5. The preview

I’m expecting Hae Soo to be with Wang So, sadly…….

I don’t know how I’ll feel, but I can’t seem to stop watching!



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