Review: Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo EP1-2-3-4-5 (spoiler-free)

I want to write my thoughts before I continue watching because I feel like everything is about to change and I just need to share my thoughts on the main characters before the next parts. Sorry if it’s a little all over the place…

After several months of avoiding this kdrama just because I thought I wouldn’t like a historical romance series, oh boy I was so wrong! I cannot believe I waited so long to start this after hearing that a lot of people enjoyed it.

From the first episode to the 5th, Kang Ha-neul’s character is my absolute favorite. Oh, not to mention, I cried in many scenes where he is involved; and we’re only FIVE episodes in!

IU’s character Hae Soo is absolutely perfect, in my opinion. She’s so cute and portrays her character really well.

Sometimes, the scenes are too much to handle (cuteness and sadness) that I have to pause and just listen to the OST for a bit before moving on. Can anyone relate? lol.

The other princes are also great. The 10th prince (Baekhyun) is hilarious. I love his character. Now, the 4th prince, who is the main male character, is good as well. I feel really bad for him because of how his mother treats him. I don’t know about him ending up with Hae Soo though.

So far, I’m team 8th prince!


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