Review: Chocolate Overall thoughts (spoiler-free)

More than just a love story

Going into the last episode, I didn’t really worry much about whether the main couple ends up together or not. This series is more than just a love story. There’s actually a moral to it and I don’t remember watching a drama that had this big of a lesson. I’ve watched really good dramas, but they were really focused on the love story. Chocolate was about grief, about spending time with loved ones and forgetting about current problems or letting go of past grudges or worries because you never know how much time we have in this world.

As previously said in my last post, every character is important and teaches us something about life and our relationships with others. I wish more people watched this drama; it truly deserves more recognition.

I highly, highly recommend this Korean drama. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s also rewarding because you learn a lot about life. You’ll also be hungry because the food here looks delicious! haha. But, the characters and the actors who play them are all amazingly talented. The OST is what I’ve been listening to these past few days.

I definitely ship Kang and Cha-Yeong in real life, but I know they’re just friends; nothing more.

Thank you for reading this review or these reviews. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts on this drama. I would also love to hear your thoughts if you watched it as well.



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