Review: Chocolate EP11-12-13-14-15 (spoilers)

I got this from Pinterest

I’m writing this as I listen to the OST. I’m currently listening to JUST LOOK FOR YOU by AILEE!

These episodes were as wonderful as the first ten. Episode 12 was my favourite. Their return to Wando was executed very well. When Kang finally realized who Cha-Yeoung is, ahhhhhhh I cried so much! It’s more tears of joy than tears of sadness though haha.

I also find the scenes with Jun emotional. I knew he was a good person. I loved it when he said « I don’t like to cheat » which explains the reason why he wasn’t happy whenever his parents found something to make him look better than Kang. I love how they develop his character. While he wasn’t the nicest person in the first few episodes, I feel like he was still an intriguing and likable character.

For Tae-Hyeon (Cha-Yeong’s brother), I never thought he would make me cry! He’s matured and his scenes with his sister were so relatable. Like, siblings fight a lot and look like they don’t get along, but in reality, we all care for each other and we would do anything to protect each other (from my personal experience).

I usually do not like flashbacks, but not in this series. The clips were well-placed and I enjoyed them (I didn’t skip them!).

Hyeon-Seok and Seon-Ae’s scenes though! So heartbreaking, but I’m glad they got another chance to be together even after their divorce.

All the characters in this series are so meaningful, WOW!

I will write a separate post of my overall review on the entire series as well as my thoughts on the last episode (16) !!



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