Review: Chocolate EP6-7-8-9-10 (spoilers)

I got this image from Netflix

There are so many deaths in this series, it’s heartbreaking. For instance, Yun Ji-Yong,s death was just so sad. The fact that the mom came back after finding out that her son’s days were counted. The mom’s acting is so good as well. The way she cried; wow! The best actress of the episode!

I like that the romance here is not cheesy at all and not cliche. Kang really doesn’t really force anything. He’s straightforward and doesn’t second guess his decisions (for the most part). but then, now it got to a point where I’m like COME ON TELL HER YOU LIKE HER! At the same time, they’re so mature, I wasn’t used to it at first because all I’ve been watching in the past were high school or college couples in dramas, so this is new and I am enjoying it. It’s a slow burn, but really well-done.

So, in my last review, I said that I didn’t hate Lee Jun (the cousin), and I still don’t. I think he’s a good character and he’ll end up being on Kang’s side by the end. What I don’t like though is the grandmother. All she cares about is money and status and I hope Kang doesn’t listen to her. He can literally just live his life as a doctor or as a chef. He doesn’t need her.

Ye-Sol, the little girl, is so cute. I love her character and the way the actress acts. All kid actors here are all adorable honestly. I also like Cha-Yeong’s brother. He was annoying at first, but he’s slowly changing.

I’m predicting that we’ll lose more characters and there will be more heartbreaks. I just hope Ye-Sol is not one of them. I love this kid! Also, Han Seon-Ae (the lady with Alzheimer’s), I hope we don’t lose her, but I feel like we will.

I hope that by the end of the next 3 episodes, Kang finds out who Cha-Yeong really is.


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